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About Us | History

Since 1974, our team of professionals at Pacific Capital Strategies has made it our mission to support, motivate, and empower each one of our clients to lasting success.  We serve as an independent financial planning resource not only to clients, but also to professionals in the legal, accounting, investment, and banking industries, who require a higher level of service and technical expertise.  We specialize in providing asset management, estate planning, risk management and retirement services to a sophisticated clientele.  Our primary focus is business owners, retirees, professionals, and high net-worth individuals.  Our target client has at least $1,000,000 of investable assets and a family or business value of $5 million or more.

About US | Message from the President

There have been many contributing factors to our company’s long, accomplished track record.  Certainly, the professionalism, dedication, and knowledge of our courteous staff is vital to our success.  Another noticeable factor is the strong focus we place on research, diagnosis, and implementation of exclusive concepts and ideas.  These distinctive strategies are not discovered by accident but from exhaustive due diligence and extensive experience.

Our team of highly qualified professionals knows that each individual has specific wants and needs that are unique to them.  We develop a personal relationship with each of our clients.  We want to understand their individual circumstances, as well as the personal values they hold.  During my thirty-five-year career, we have refined our intimate approach to guiding our clients towards their ultimate goals.  Our system has produced an abundant number of rewarding and valued friendships along the way.

At Pacific Capital Strategies, our principles and integrity will not be compromised.  These values are reflected in the outstanding service and valuable advice we provide to our clients.  Assuring you the personal attention you deserve is the cornerstone of our company.  We look forward to working with you.

-Rodney D. Dir



We offer comprehensive financial planning, business management, investment solutions and smart protection strategies.

Rod Dir



As president, Mr. Dir provides vision and corporate leadership to Pacific Capital Strategies. Since 1985, Mr. Dir has specialized in comprehensive financial consulting for corporations, agricultural business and affluent individuals....
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